AKVIS All Plugins DC02052012

AKVIS All Plugins DC02052012

Все плагины AKVIS 2012 - сделают из вас художников, реставраторов, волшебников и творческих личностей. При первом включении программы AKVIS, удивительно простой интерфейс окна и 5-6 кнопок при наведении на них исчерпывающе говорят о своих функциях.

List of plugins

• AKVIS ArtSuite 7.5 - helps to give the photos an original and festive look. The program allows you to create a greeting card, a holiday album, a poster or calendar, place the image in the frame to turn a color photo into a modern stylized black and white portrait, and even make color correction. Methods of processing images in ArtSuite divided into two groups: Scope and Effects.
• AKVIS ArtWork 6.0 - an ideal solution, combining top of the art and high technology. Artificial intelligence plays the role of the artist. The transformation happens before your eyes, you see, like pictures of the real work of art is born!
• AKVIS 7.9 Chameleon - a program for those who love to create collages and amazing artistic compositions. Chameleon saves you time and effort, so it does not require precise selection of objects and careful treatment of the boundaries between the insert and the background. That is why the program got its name - it is "Chameleon", the color fits.
• AKVIS Coloriage 8.0 - a program to colorize black and white photos and replacing colors on color images.
• AKVIS Decorator 3.0 - allows you to create a variety of things, from the realistic to the unimaginable. The program changes the surface of the object, imposes a new texture, while maintaining the volume, shape, folds, shadows of the original image.
• AKVIS Enhancer 13.0 - program for processing photos, designed to improve the detail of the image, the correction of shaded areas and sharpening borders and contrast.
• AKVIS HDRFactory 2.0 - a program for creating images with high dynamic range, and for correcting photos.
• AKVIS LightShop 3.0 - program to add lighting effects to the image.
• AKVIS Magnifier 5.5 - software for resizing digital pictures without quality loss.
• AKVIS MakeUp 2.0 - a program to fix portrait photos.
• AKVIS MultiBrush 5.5 - ideal for photo retouching and drawing pictures, remove unwanted parts and adding new ones. The name of the program MultiBrush means "many hands". In fact, it's a laboratory in which you can edit the picture, to restore an old photograph anything in the middle of painting a picture or draw a picture from scratch. The program presents two sets of tools - Standard and paint brushes.
• AKVIS NatureArt 4.0 - a collection of unique effects that simulate natural phenomena.
• AKVIS Noise Buster 8.0 - software for digital noise suppression in the image.
• AKVIS Refocus 1.5 - helps to sharpen the fuzzy, blurry, defocused images. With this program you can correct the entire image, or to "bring into focus" only a certain object, select it on the background of elements of the plan.
• AKVIS Retoucher 5.0 - not only removes scratches, stains, dust and other defects from the surface of the picture, he recreates the missing pieces, using the neighboring areas of the image.
• AKVIS Sketch 13.0 - program to create a picture from a photo.
• AKVIS SmartMask 3.0 - a tool to quickly select an object in the image.

Год: 2012
Таблетка: присутствует
Язык: английский
Размер: 616.57 Mb

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