MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 18 MX Premium 11.0.5

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 18 MX Premium 11.0.5

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 18 MX Premium, следующее поколение для редактирования видео: быстрее, лучше и еще более мощнее. В дополнение ко всему из преимуществ Plus версии, премиум версия включает в себя широкий выбор эксклюзивных бонусных программ и кинематографические спецэффекты. Превратите ваш компьютер в полностью оборудованный видео-редактор и создавайте захватывающие фильмы и видео.

Your benefits:
- High-quality special effects, cinematic transitions & templates included
- Full stereo3D support
- Advanced dubbing: Dolby??Digital 5.1 mixer, etc.
- Full HD support: for HDV and AVCHD camcorders
- 99 tracks, MultiCam editing, travel route animation, etc.
- Present your videos on TV, on the go or online...

- On average up to 3 times faster AVCHD export compared to previous version thanks to NVIDIA? CUDA and AMD? OpenCL support
- Noticeably accelerated program start
- Accelerated project loading
- Accelerated loading of recording dialogs
- Accelerated closing of program settings after making changes as well as accelerated export start in large projects
- Shorter reaction time of the timeline play marker when "Image size and position" effects section is open
- Faster image generation in Media Pool for large media directories
- More precise miniature display in timeline objects
- Optimized background processing, enabling faster program reaction such as marker movement, rewinding and editing operations on AVCHD clips.
- Optimized image stabilization for multicore PCs - up to 10 times faster on Intel? Core i7 systems compared to the previous version
- Multicore optimization for image sharpness and feathering effects
- Use of expanded memory on 64-bit systems for GOP and bitmap caching
- Calculation of dynamic object effects on GPU with activated anti-flicker effect
- Video effect rendering on GPU (incl. special read back for NVIDIA? systems)
- Calculation of standard transition on GPU
- Navigation with keyboard and external controllers such as Contour shuttle is more fluid
- Preview rendering with automatic recognition of critical areas (only in MAGIX Movie Edit Pro MX Plus/Premium)

Stereo3D (only in MAGIX Movie Edit pro MX Plus / Premium)
- File import from new 3D camcorder models Sony TD-10 and JVC TD-1
- Configurable output for line-by-line interpolation
- New output modes "over/under" in order to take advantage of full resolution of devices with line-by-line interpolation
- Export for lens array images (lenticular, or "wiggle" images)
- Perspective correction in stereo 3D alignment

New functions
- Professional movie templates for quick trailers (only in MAGIX Movie Edit Pro MX Plus/Premium)
- MX functionality for faster media and project exchange
- Dynamic speed sequences within one video clip with synchronized pitch sequences
- Intermediate image calculation for noticeably smoother slow motion playback
- Miniature display in Media Pool with zoom
- New categories for crossfades with improved display and preview
- Direct effect editing in the timeline for multiple object selection
- Redesigned export assistant with simplified operation and new export options
- Redesigned burn selection with simplified operation
- Simple interface layout adjustments with a new cursor and a large, sensitive area for manipulation
- Direct display of project contents in the Media Pool
- Program presets for FullHD video
- New presets for movie settings and export of 24p material
- New, multicore-optimized blur effect
- Individually adjustable track width
- Metadata display from AVCHD recordings and EXIF information from photos in object properties
- Various minor improvements in the program interface, content display, etc.
- Improvements in the travel route module (only in MAGIX Movie Edit Pro MX Plus/Premium):
- Redesigned interface for easier use
- Minute handling improvements, including.waypoints and points of interest
- New animated vehicles and objects
- Program presets for FullHD video
- Additional information during export with smart rendering for an exact compatibility analysis
- Optimization of AVCHD imports:
- Performance optimizations
- Optical media will display only if it's an AVCHD disc
- Find folder is a preset if no AVCHD camcorder is found
- Scanning can be interrupted by pressing ESC
- Thumbnails from AVCHD special folder are opened as large icons only during viewing
- Optimized color display for improved recognition of individual recording sessions in large directories
- Recordings on the camera can be deleted manually
- New status info for camcorder disk capacity

Important changes to version
- new option in the AVCHD export for hardware accelerated output on systems with intel QuickSync technology
- small changes made to the Export Wizards and Vimeo upload feature

Год: 2012
Язык: английский
Таблетка: присутствует
Размер: 354 MB

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