ETS4 version 4.0.6 Professional

ETS4 version 4.0.6 Professional

ETS означает Software Engineering Tool; производитель программного обеспечения независимых инструментов и конфигураций для проектирования и настройки интеллектуальных домов и сооружений, строительного контроля с системой KNX.

ETS4 Professional является мощным преемником ETS3. ETS4 Professional поддерживает вас в реализации проектов в следующих этапах и задачах:

- Планирование проекта и дизайна
- Ввод в эксплуатацию
- Проектная-документация
- Диагностика и устранение неисправностей

With ETS4 you will get a fully redesigned ETS- generation. Besides the new user interface, many new functions are introduced which further improve the work within the KNX system.

By using ETS4 Professional, you can now compose solutions for all application areas for which ETS ready products are available from KNX manufacturers. Using ETS4 Professional empowers your business – not only technologically, but above all commercially.

Application areas include:

- Lighting control (switching; dimming; “mood lighting”)
- Shading control (shutters; blinds)
- Heating, ventilation, air-conditioning (individual room temperature control; control of radiators, thermal units, boilers, coolers, fans, …)
- Access & security (presence detection; burglary and fire detection and alarm; presence simulation; panic switch)
- Energy management (consumption metering; load shedding; …).
- Comfort functions and intelligent control across all applications (central user control; combined scenario’s; intelligent process control; …)
- Remote control and remote maintenance (e.g. via phone or Internet)
- Interfacing to complementary or peripheral systems (white goods; supervision consoles; facility management; dedicated security systems; audio; multimedia; services; …)
- … and more info this:

About KNX Association

The Association is the owner of the Worldwide STANDARD for Home and Building Control: KNX and also the owner of the KNX trademark logo worldwide. KNX Association is a profit-oriented organisation governed by Belgian Law. Members are manufacturers developing devices for several applications for home and building control based on KNX like lighting control, shutter control, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, energy management, metering, monitoring, alarm/intrusion systems, household appliances, audio/video and lots more. Next to manufacturers also service providers (utilities, telecom, ...) can become a member of the KNX Association.

Наименование: ETS4 (Engineering Tool Software)
Версия: 4.0.6 Build 2495 Professional 32bit
Интерфейс: multilanguage
ОС: Windows XP / Vista / Seven
Размер: 420.12 Mb

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