MAGIX Video easy 4 HD

MAGIX Video easy 4 HD

Добро пожаловать в MAGIX Video Easy 4 HD, первая программа для редактирования видео для всей семьи. Это настолько простая в использовании программа, что даже начинающие без каких-либо предварительных навыков смогут разрабатывать захватывающие видео в очень короткое время. Преобразование записей семейных торжеств, отпусков, или специальных мероприятий, в видео DVD-дисков или представить свое видео в Интернете с легкостью

It's never been easier to transfer videos from your camcorder to your PC's hard drive, to optimize video material with a few clicks, and then burn to DVD. This manual explains how everything works, step-by-step. The complete electronic manual provides a more detailed explanation of the options, dialog boxes, menus and program interface.

- Connection and Introduction Wizard
A practical Wizard will guide you through the program: from connecting the video camera to recording your videos.
- Video Editing Wizard
It just doesn't get any easier: Select your video, add text and music, and your movie is finished – including great transitions!
- Clearly laid-out user interface with large buttons
The neatly laid out interface includes extra large buttons and is free of confusing icons and unnecessary features.
- Numerous help functions as video clips
Helpful video clips are available to you directly within the program to explain how the desired function is used.
- Export to DVD, YouTube, Facebook and as files
Burn your movies with a menu to DVD, share them online, or save your video clips as files.
- Practical project archiving on DVD and hard drive
Projects aren't just securely archived on DVD or your hard drive, they can also be conveniently edited at any time.
- Also supports AVHCD camcorders
With MAGIX Video easy 4 HD you can edit and burn your AVCHD recordings directly. Only somewhat more expensive programs offer this otherwise.
- Preview monitor
View edits and effects beforehand, without changing the output video.
- Image optimization
Customize color, brightness, contrast, saturation, and volume with ease.
- Toolbar
Add titles and text, transitions, photos and music with just a click.
- Transport control
The start and stop marker can be moved to any desired position to place edits.

What's new in MAGIX Video easy 4 HD?
Audio commentary: Add commentary to a second audio channel in your video with ease.
Speed regulation: The playback speed of your objects can be easily adjusted with a slider - for great effects.
Upload to Facebook™: Created videos may now be uploaded to Facebook™ directly from MAGIX Video easy 4 HD.
Export AVCHD to memory cards: Now completed videos can be directly exported to a SD memory cards. This is particularly helpful if you own a Blu-ray player with a SD slot.
Video exports to mobile devices: Completed videos can now be exported to mobile devices such as Android phones and iPhone's/iPod's/iPad's.
Go back step-by-step function: Now you can individually select the changes which should be undone. This gives you more control of your project.

Год: 2012
Язык: английский
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