Safe Software FME Desktop 2011 SP4 build 6538 (x64)

Safe Software FME Desktop 2011 SP4 build 6538 (x64)

FME Desktop of Safe Software - мощное решение для конвертации геоданных туда и сюда. Она поддерживает множество форматов, имеет адаптеры для разных баз данных и geoserverov - ArcSDE, MySQL, PostGIS и SQL Server Spatial 2008 года. Это само по себе является интересным для меня - может работать с KML 2.2. Всего 200 форматов +. Способен преобразовывать данные настройки потока преобразования.

FME Desktop of Safe Software - a powerful solution for converting Geodata to and fro. It supports a lot of formats, has adapters for different databases and geoserverov - ArcSDE, MySQL, PostGIS and SQL Server Spatial 2008. That alone is interesting to me - can work with KML 2.2. Total 200 + formats. Is able to transform the figures setting flow transformation, universal view of data and God-knows-what. FME Desktop is a flexible and powerful spatial ETL toolset used by thousands of GIS professionals worldwide to quickly translate, transform and integrate data.

While spatial data is all around you, it often must be converted to be made usable. Proprietary formats, unique data models, an array of coordinate systems, and a myriad of storage locations all contribute their own obstacles to data accessibility. Yet writing custom translation scripts to tackle these challenges is time consuming, and the resulting dataset is often not structured the way you need it. How much is this inefficient process costing your business?

For over 15 years, Safe Software has been providing GIS professionals with an efficient alternative for data conversion. FME Desktop helps users make their data accessible to the people who need it by providing.

Год: 2012
Язык: английский
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