Windows 8 Activation Customization Pack

Windows 8 Activation Customization Pack

Этот пакет содержит новые приложения для автономной активации Windows 8, разблокировки (персонализации) функций, десятки настроек.

Pro and Enterprise Keys, Watermark and Notification removal and much more. Most of the application were created after August 21st and are only available in this Pack. For those of you waiting

on a KMS server to go online before Oct. 26th, may find this Pack very useful. These applications will work for Windows 8 RTM Build 9200 both Core and Pro, Windows Enterprise, and Both older

builds. This Pack and all of it's contents have been checked for Virus's, Malware, Trojans, and Third Party Apps and are found to be 100% clean and safe. Please keep in mind, due to the way

some Activation Apps are written, certain Anti-Virus software will alert, or try to stop them from running even though they are safe. It is recommended that you make any exception needed to

use application when this happen's.

Год: 2012
Язык: английский
Размер: 27.67 MB

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