Interactive Anatomy 3D + Atlas of Human Anatomy 3

Interactive Anatomy 3D + Atlas of Human Anatomy 3

Interactive Anatomy 3D создателем такого рода программного обеспечения является британская компания Primal Pictures Ltd. Она имеет практически 20-ти летнюю цель - создание только крупной и отличной от медицинской точки зрения трехмерной модели структуры человека. Данные учителей, врачей и студентов,также присутствуют в атласе сборки анатомии человека 3 - это мощная интерактивная программа показывает множество иллюстраций из коллекций Medical Illustrations Hitter (включая все его иллюстрации от второго издания Атласа анатомии человека). Огромное количество материала в гибком, хорошо интегрированном формате.

Interactive 3D Anatomy
From the ancient years people interested in the structure of its own body. And today, when there exists a lot of information about how we are organized, you can not say that we know everything. In this paper, electronic directories are selected to allow a look into the depths of the human body. Interactive Anatomy - Interactive 3D Anatomy Series Complete Human Anatomy from the creator of this kind of software - a British company Primal Pictures Ltd. She was almost 20 years following his clear objective - the creation of the only large and distinct from the medical point of view three-dimensional model of the structure of man. Data are teachers, doctors and students. Such an atlas - it is not only beautiful pictures of it - 'live' animation projects, with which it is possible to show, for example, illnesses and prevention options, and conduct a fascinating presentation with excellent visualization of the organ being studied or discussed. Physiological atlas includes 9 discs, which will present data on the physiology of the hands, back, and so on. From now on biology lesson can be more fun!

Atlas of human anatomy 3
This powerful interactive program features a variety of illustrations from the Collection of Medical Illustrations Hitter (including all his illustrations from the second edition of Atlas of Human Anatomy). The vast amount of material in a flexible, well-integrated format. Windows and Mac versions available.
Great tool for education, raised view an interactive research tool. The vast amount of material in a well-integrated, flexible, intuitive program. All images from the collection of Frank H. Netter, cross-sections of the human body from head to toe. Participated in the creation of many professors and doctors, created an orderly educational complex, which appeared as a perfect electronic resource for primary care and allied health education, training, etc.

Год: 2012
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